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3M Adhesive Pad for The Hydro Holder



Official 3M VHB Adhesive pad for the Hydro Holder.

Specifically designed for the Hydro Holder to give your Hydro Holder the strongest stick.

Size: 25mm x 70mm x 1mm

Always use a surface cleaning wipe and allow to dry before applying the adhesive pad to any surface. Recommended application at room temperature.




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The adhesive pad is very strong and will keep the Hydro Holder attached to surface you place it on. However a strong bond will only be achived if the area is clean, dry and the process is done at the recommended temperature and left for the recommended time. (non-porous surfaces only)

Leave for 24-72 hours for the adhesive pad to fully bond. Do this process at room temperature or above (20°C / 68°F).

We recommend not using the Hydro Holder until after 24 hours.

The below graph show bonding time at different temperatures.

Hydro Holder adhesive bond graph



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Black, Royal Blue

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